Sheffield United women lose 6-0 to Man City as some first team players couldn’t attend game

Six of Sheffield United’s first team players were unable to attend their match against Manchester City yesterday, where the team lost 6-0 and were knocked out of the Women’s Continental League Cup.

Eight minutes into the game, Manchester City’s Janine Beckie scored the first goal of the night, one of four she scored altogether.

This was followed by two more in the first 25 minutes, effectively setting the tone for the remainder of the game.

Manchester City has qualified for the next round of the continental cup as a result of their performance.

In a statement Sheffield United’ women’s team manager Carla Ward said: “I’ve got nothing but pride for those girls tonight, I think they’ve given absolutely everything.

That team we finished with was on its last legs but I’m proud of them, they’ve worked so hard. Forget the score, I’m very happy with them.”



Sheffield United’s team was put in a difficult situation when six of their first-team players could not get time off work.

The kick-off for the game was set at 7pm on Wednesday, which made it difficult for players in the part-time Sheffield team to reach the stadium on time after work.

Sheffield United contacted Manchester City on November 29th in an attempt to change the start time, but it was not possible to do so, as tickets had been sold and stadium staff had been booked already.

As the football club had agreed to the start time at the beginning of the season, they had to accept the early kick-off and introduce younger players.

Ms Ward said in a statement before the game: “For me the cup’s about having a look at the youngsters as well.

“It’s not about the result, it’s about the performance,” she added.