Sheffield United Ladies General Manager says players and coaches need educating on litter in football

The general manager of Sheffield United ladies, Lee Walshaw has said that players and coaches need educating about littering in football.

Speaking at the Sheffield United training academy in Shirecliffe, where he was celebrating after guiding the female team to promotion, Walshaw said he sees numerous examples of littering around the academy, with players throwing water bottles, energy drink cans and shin pad tapes on the floor.

Walshaw said that players and staff go to the outside surface of the academy complex and sees numerous examples of litter laying about.

He said a lot of the responsibility lies with the coaches, it is there responsibility and passing that knowledge and experience to the players.

Walshaw has previously lived in India, a country with high amounts of littering. He said that the English game could learn from the fans of Indian Champions Aizawl FC whose fans cleaned the stands following the final game of the season.

This story was run in conjunction with our #Sheffrubbish campaign featured on our website today. The campaign aims to highlight areas of Sheffield that have high problems of fly-tipping and litter in the city.