Sheffield to host ‘Stamma-fest’ 2020 conference

The British Stammering Association has announced its annual conference ‘Stamma-fest’ will be in Sheffield next year.

The conference will take place on 21st – 23rd August 2020 at The University of Sheffield.

The BSA host the conference every two years to give people who stammer the opportunity to meet up and share their experiences.

The conference is being organised by Dean Ridge and Paul Roberts, founders of the popular Stamma Striders walking group and Trustees Mandy Taylor, Lynne Mackie and Natalie Mortimer.

Jane Powell, CEO of the British Stammering Association, said: “We have an active community of people who stammer near Sheffield with many local networks and activities such as the Stamma Striders.” 

“Sheffield is a vibrant and welcoming city with an impressive history and practical advantages such as good transport links. I’m sure the University will be a great venue for our conference.”

Mrs Powell added the theme of the conference will be ‘No Limits’ and she hopes the title will be inspirational for the organisers and attendees.

She said: “The conference is going to be unlike any we have held before and will be rallying call for our attendees and members to change the world.”

According to the BSA website, stammering is a lifelong condition for up to 3% of adults. 

The NHS have estimated stammering affects around 1 in 100 adults, with men being around 3 to 4 times more likely to stammer than women.

Those who stammer are more likely to be subjected to stereotyping and bullying due to a lack of visibility in public life and societal expectations.

For more information visit the BSA website.