Sheffield to host British judo championship this weekend

The top judo fighters from around the country will be converging on Sheffield to compete in the British Championships this weekend.

365 fighters, known as Judoka, will be competing in groups of four or five in a round-robin format. The winners in these groups will then compete in a knockout competition until a champion is crowned in each weight class. 365 junior and senior Judoka will be fighting this weekend.

Matches last four minutes and can be ended through one Ippon, when a competitor is thrown to the floor and both shoulders touch the mat, or two Waza-aris, when a competitor is thrown to the floor twice with one shoulder touching the mat. Alternatively fights can end through submission.

Champions will be invited onto the GB training program, meaning this weekend is key for Judokas with international aspirations, including the Olympics.

Ben Pollard, Head of Marketing and Communications praised Sheffield for its Judo facilities:

“Sheffield is very much seen as the home of the British Championships”.

The championship is being held at the English Institute of Sport. Tickets are available now.