Sheffield to hold rally against election result

Sheffield Youth Strike 4 Climate Change will hold a rally later this afternoon to protest this morning’s election result.

The group said: “We are holding a rally today because it’s more important now than ever, in light of the election results, to take action.

“The Conservative Party have all but denied the climate crisis, and amongst other ways of damning the younger generation in the UK they are damming future generations across the world if they do not act on the climate.

“We must continue to strike, for our future, for democracy and to overcome an ignorant government and force action to be taken to save our planet.”

The rally was planned to take place today regardless of the electoral result last night.

They aim to demonstrate the youth response to the election result but also to protest against the UN Climate Change Conference.

Sheffield Youth Strike 4 Climate Change said: “We are also holding this rally because the way youth activists were treated at the COP25 summit in Madrid on Wednesday, being pushed off stage and silencing the voices of women and indigenous people, is appalling and we will not stand for it.”

The rally will begin at Devonshire Green at 4pm.

This comes after Sheffield Extinction Rebellion held a protest in the City Centre last Saturday.