Sheffield Tinsley canal at Don Valley to get a much-needed tidy up

Volunteers will be helping to tidy up the Sheffield Tinsley canal this summer.

The area behind Don Valley moorings is currently messy and overgrown but the Friends of the Blue Loop community group, who look after Sheffield’s waterways, want to change that.

With help from the River Stewardship Company, volunteers from the Olympic Legacy Park, which sits next to the site, and others, the group will be clearing litter, trimming overgrown trees and bushes and creating an inviting area for people to enjoy.

Hellen Hornby of the River Stewardship Company, who aim to improve Sheffield’s River Don and the canal with regular maintenance, hopes tidying up this “neglected corner” will encourage people to use the canals.

“It’s a nice area that people could sit in and enjoy, but it does need some TLC,” she said.

The area is close to the new Don Valley Oasis Academy and the River Stewardship Company are also keen to get children from the school interested in looking after and using the area.

“It’s also about changing people’s perceptions of the canal.

“A lot of people don’t know how to access the canal, or what to do once they are there. Mums probably wouldn’t feel safe letting their children go down there.

“We want it to be a nice, well-maintained environment that everyone feels safe in and wants to enjoy,” Hellen said.

She also hopes that the clean-up will stop fly-tipping in the area and prevent anti-social behaviour.

The volunteer days will be held monthly throughout the summer starting on May 17th.

Equipment will be provided by the River Stewardship Company and other sponsors.

“All people have to do is turn up willing to chip in,” Hellen said.