Sheffield taxi drivers support bus lane fines

Taxi drivers in Sheffield have voiced their support for restrictions on drivers using bus lanes.

This morning, the Sheffield Star reported that the council made nearly £1.5 million from fining drivers using the city’s bus lanes last year.

But Hafeas Rehman, Chairperson of the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association, believes keeping bus lanes clear is “essential”.

“From a taxi’s point of view, the restrictions are essential, especially at peak hour. It makes our life much easier. It ensures that people are catching taxis and buses to get about rather than relying on personal transport”, he said.

Over the last three years, the London Road/Asline Road Lane alone brought in over £1 million in revenue. The revelations follow a BBC report earlier this month which showed that local authorities made a total of £31 million across the country, with one lane in Newcastle taking in nearly £6,000 a day.

“Taxis and buses can’t afford to be stood still in traffic”, Mr Rehman added.

“It helps to reduce congestion and as for the money the council make, it could be invested to help improve roads in those areas. There is an issue in spending that money in a positive way.”