Sheffield Steelers release Luke Ferrara

The Sheffield Steelers have announced that they have released Luke Ferrara, who has played for the Steelers since 2014.

Steelers head coach Paul Thompson said “releasing Ferrara was one of the hardest decisions he had to make in ice hockey.”

The Steelers decided to activate a clause in Ferrara’s contract which allows him to move onto another British team in the Elite Ice Hockey League this summer.

Speaking about the decision, Thompson said ““I am paid to be the General Manager and Head Coach of the Sheffield Steelers and sometimes very difficult decisions like this have to be made for the long term betterment of the club and that is what I believe we have done today.”

The Steelers did announce that they have given full time contracts to Liam Kirk and Cole Shudra.

Speaking about Kirk, Thompson referred to him as a Marcus Rashford waiting in the wings and the decision to release Ferrara was due to the talent of Kirk.

The Steelers finished this season as champions of the Elite League playoffs and runners up of the Challenge Cup.