Sheffield stars including Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker raise over £10,000 at anti tree felling concert

A Pulp star and some of Sheffield’s most famous musicians raised over £10,000 to oppose the on-going felling of trees across the Steel City on Friday night.

The one-off gig at City Hall made more than £11,500 to help fund Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) and other anti-tree-felling campaigns in Sheffield.

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker joined fellow band-member Nick Banks, DJ Richard Hawley and Jon McClure from Reverend and The Makers, for the sell-out ‘Get Off Our Trees’ fundraising event.

The Everly Pregnant Brothers also performed a DJ-set at the event.

Mr Cocker, who released a single called ‘The Trees with Pulp’ in 2001, has publicly voiced his anger at the felling.

He told the BBC’s Today programme that the council’s strategy is ‘crazy’ and said: “You can’t really replace trees can you? I mean you’re replacing them with a little sapling that is going to take at least 40 years to reach maturity.”

STAG will be holding another fundraising event on Thursday at The Gin Bar on Abbeydale Road.

Tickets are on sale for £1.