Sheffield squash champ, Nick Matthew, donates prize money to young boy with brain tumour

Squash world champion, Nick Matthew, has donated his tournament winnings to help fund a young squash-player’s brain tumour treatment.

Matthew, 36, from Sheffield, was awarded £10,000 at the Canary Wharf Classic in London on Friday, after winning the tournament for the sixth time.

The money will go towards funding private treatment for 11-year-old Sumner Malik, who has been diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), which is not treated on the NHS.

DIPG affects the area of the brain which controls breathing, heart rate, eye movement, facial muscles and balance.

Sumner’s father, Camron Malik, told Sky News that the initial invoice for the treatment was £86,000 and that monthly infusion costs could reach £11,000 depending on which treatments are most reponsive.

Thomas Murton, assistant manager at Hallamshire Tennis Club where Matthew is an ambassador, said: “As a club we are incredibly proud of Nick’s accomplishments and that he’s willing to donate the money to such a brilliant cause.

“We couldn’t be more proud to have someone of that calibre in the club and we’re just so very proud of everything he is doing, both as a player and as a person.”