“Sheffield really is going downhill” – Activists slam Sheffield Labour party’s support for MP accused of antisemitism

Activists have spoken out against Sheffield Hallam Central Labour Party’s decision to pass a motion that shows support to an MP accused of antisemitism.

Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, was suspended from the Labour Party on 27th February after he delivered a speech to Sheffield Momentum claiming the party had been “too apologetic” when dealing with allegations of antisemitism.

On Friday, Sheffield Hallam CLP, along with members in Camberwell and Peckham, passed a resolution calling on the leadership to reinstate Williamson.

The motion, passed by 40 votes to one, said: “Chris is a target because he is one of the very few Labour MPs who have openly stood up to the witch-hunt of Corbyn supporters and because he has campaigned tirelessly for the much-needed democratisation of the party.”

Many activists have since criticised the CLP’s decision, claiming it as further proof that the party has become institutionally antisemitic.

Luisa Atfield, a member of Jewish Labour, said the motion was an attempt to deflect such allegations and brand them as part of a “smear campaign” against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

She said:  “One person voted against- it should have been everyone. I didn’t join the party to fight antisemitism that comes from my so called ‘comrades’, or for my worries about the racism I experience to be dismissed.”

Sheffield Hallam CLP have been contacted for comment.