Sheffield pro-wrestling debut at Abbeydale Picture House

An independent wrestling company is holding their first event at the Abbeydale Picture House in the new year.

The event by Breed Wrestling on 10 February will see eight pro-wrestlers go head to head for the main event in Nether Edge, and promises to be the first event of its kind in the area.

The winner of the eight-man tournament is to be crowned the UK’s first ever ‘Breed Pro Champion’. 

Famous World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler ‘Wild Boar’ was originally on the card, but has been replaced by independent wrestler Chris Ridgeway. 

Also on the night will be a tag-team match, a four way women’s match and a newer talent tournament including Sheffield local Alec Mikales.

Mitch Smith started Breed Wrestling with his friends, and aims to bring independent pro-wrestling to Sheffield every month. 

He was used to travelling as far as London, Ireland and Cardiff with a car full of friends to see independent shows. 

On the way home, they would spend hours discussing how they would run an event.

Mitch said: “It’d be- If you did a pro-wrestling event, what wrestlers would you book? What would your storylines be?

“About six months ago we just decided, you know what, let’s go for it. Let’s all chip in and try to get something going on in Sheffield!”

When searching for suitable venues to use in Sheffield, the group struggled to find somewhere that would accommodate a wrestling event, with Trafalgar Warehouse being a possible venue. 

They eventually got in touch with Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) asking if there was a warehouse available, before they offered him the Abbeydale Picture House as a venue. 

The venue has a capacity of 400, which is twice the size they were initially going for, making the event in itself a massive risk that Mitch is hoping will pay off.

According to Mitch, who mentioned that vague address data pops up on his phone whenever a ticket is bought, a large majority of the tickets sold so far have been from households within the S7 and S8 postcodes, showing that local people have already taken interest in the event. 

Wrestling events have been set up in the past within Sheffield, with the iconic WWE appearing at the FlyDSA Arena during UK tours and smaller events by more independent companies set up at venues such as Plug in the city centre. 

Sheffield Lord Mayor Magid Magid will also be in attendance for the show, which the group hopes will add more value to the event.