Sheffield news: 5 things you need to know today


Anti-knife crime campaign gets underway

A week-long police operation tackling knife crime in South Yorkshire started today.

Operation Sceptre, a widespread effort by police across England and Wales , includes knife crime awareness days, extra patrols, open land searches, and anonymous knife surrender bins.

Yorkshire and the Humber has the highest knife crime outside of London.

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Queer beer group launches in Sheffield

The celebration of Sheffield beer week this year will also see the launch of a different kind of beer society.

Out and About Sheffield is a new, not-for-profit organisation which aims to make the beer and ale culture in Sheffield more accessible for LGBT+ people.

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Dog given just hours to live nine months ago triumphs at Crufts

A dog which had been shot, left with failing kidneys and unable to stand nine months ago, won Crossbreed of the Year at Crufts alongside his Sheffield owner on Saturday.

Percy the Pointer, Collie and Chihuahua crossbreed was recovered by D.O.G rescue in Cyprus.

He weighed nine kilograms and had shrapnel in his body – given just hours to live.

He was brought over to Sheffield, and was announced the winner of Scruffts on Saturday.

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British Disability Gymnastics champion wants more opportunities for disabled athletes

British Disability Gymnastics champion wants more opportunities for disabled athletes

A current British champion for disability gymnastics is frustrated by the lack of opportunities for disabled athletes.

Oliver Kettleborough is autistic. Since gymnastics is not a Paralympic sport, and Oliver’s IQ is too high for him to qualify for the Special Olympics, Oliver has no platform to gain further titles at an international level.

Oliver said: “People know we’re here, but we can still make a bigger impact, we can still scream a bit louder.”

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Classical music festival takes over Sheffield days after local school shuts down GCSE Music programme

Sheffield’s hills came alive with the sound of music this past weekend, as a festival celebrating classical music returned to the city for the third time.

The festival took place days after the Tapton School in Crosspool announced it will be shutting down its GCSE music programme for next year, following a wider national trend.

The festival centred around three themes – women in music, beyond borders, and future makers.

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Initially dry – but will soon turn windy, with rain spreading from the west. Not as cold as last night.


Rain will be light and patchy tomorrow morning with some winds. The afternoon will see sunny spells with some showers, and winds returning in the evening.