Vintage tea room launched to tackle loneliness

A vintage tea room to help combat loneliness in older people has been set up by Sheffield Mind at its well-being centre.

The volunteer team today transformed their training room into a cafe filled with antique tea pots, plants and bunting.

The project is funded by the Talbot Trust and has proved exceptionally popular despite only starting two months ago.

Julia Thompson, 56, is the manager of the tea room project and is keen to build on what they have already achieved.

She said: “I see big potential because our volunteers have so many different skills.

“We have discussed our volunteers going out and meeting those who are interested but too nervous to come on their own.”

Historic photographs of Sheffield and recipe books are left on tables to encourage those attending to chat about their pasts and common interests.

Elizabeth Wallace, 59, had been helped by Sheffield Mind with her own problems and decided to give back by volunteering at the tea room.

She said: “I just want to help get people out and about because I was stuck inside myself a couple of years ago.”

The charity have managed to secure more money for another year, and are hoping that the success of events such as this, will help funding even further in the future.

Chief Executive of Sheffield Mind, Margaret Lewis, came up with the idea of the vintage tea room and was in attendance today chatting to customers.

If you are interested in visiting the tea room, it runs on the last Thursday of every month from 1.15-3.15pm.

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