Sheffield men tackle mental health in “Men Up North” event.

A Sheffield men’s group met yesterday to challenge the impacts of forced masculinity, following international men’s day.

Sheffield-based mindfulness and resilience coach, Angga Kara, set up the event to provide a space for open and honest discussion relating to men’s health and well-being.

The community covers an introduction to personal mastery, gaining better self-awareness and using these tools as a path towards better mental health.

Angga, who has worked with the lord mayor of Sheffield, was inspired to tackle mental health issues faced by men after losing three of his friends to suicide last year.

Regarding the events, Lord Mayor Magid Magid said: “There are layers to the pressure of being a man in the modern world.

“Growing up in Sheffield, I always felt that there wasn’t a space for men to come and talk and exist without judgement.

“Men Up North is an incredible platform that provides a much needed space for men to get together, have a real talk and is something we need now more than ever as mental health is an epidemic amongst men.”

Angga had the group sit in a circle and introduce themselves, before exploring psychiatrist Carl Jung’s ideas of the feminine side of men and the masculine side of women, known as the anima and animus.

The group was then split into sub-groups, to discuss what they thought of these ideas and how they can apply them to themselves.

Most of these chats led to the men discussing  personal aspects of their lives, and how they could use these newly introduced Jungian principles to help deal with the pressures that society places on men.

The groups then joined up to discuss their findings and come up with a list of ways that they as men could deal with the stresses of their day to day lives, before having another chat and ending the session.

The recurring events all have different focuses, and are based on the premise that men in the north are subject to different societal pressures and norms to men in the south.

Tom Warry, group member and chef, said: “I visited this space today and really enjoyed engaging with the group.

“The environment made me feel comfortable, and the talk today was brilliant.”

The next event on 5 December will be tackling the pressures of the festive season, with a “cut and chat” at Savills Barbers on Devonshire Street.