Sheffield kicks off UK Coffee Week 2019 with overwhelming support

A collection of Sheffield’s finest coffee spots will be taking part in a nation-wide celebration this week to raise money for charity.

UK Coffee Week is returning from 29 April to 5 May with the intent to raise valuable funds for Project Waterfall which provides clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities.

Marmadukes, The Steam Yard, and The Devonshire, are among many to sign up to the week-long event, donating a percentage of each coffee bought to the charity.

Laura Donnell, a regular customer of Marmadukes, said: “It is a nice feeling to know the money for my coffee is going to a good cause and that Marmadukes are involved in such a positive project.”

Marmadukes has participated in the event every year since its opening in 2012 and has often held events to mark the occasion.

This year the café will be donating 10p from every coffee cup, which is double the expected contribution for UK Coffee Week subscribers across the UK.

TJ Nye, Marmaduke’s General Manager, said: “(UK Coffee Week) highlights to both our customers and our staff the importance of coffee growing communities. It’s not something that people think about day to day.”

The café hopes to raise £100-£120 for Project Waterfall by Sunday.

The charity initiative was established by The Allegra Foundation, based in London.

Since 2011, the project has raised over £1 million and bought clean drinking water to over 37,000 people across seven countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Nicaragua.

Hydrogeologist, Adam Bennett, who worked in Ethiopia in October 2018, said:

“Ethiopia is heavily dependant on the production of coffee, a water-intensive process. The coffee growing regions experience heavy rains and a high groundwater potential, yet many people do not have access to a reliable source of water.

“Drilling wells can be hugely costly due to the need to import machinery (generally from China) and many of the wells are not being utilised due to solvable issues, for example: the pump operator refusing to show up because he isn’t paid or stones being thrown down wells by children because nobody has paid for the wells to be protected.

“Initiatives like UK Coffee Week are great because it is bringing these issues to our attention. Most of our coffee in the UK is imported from areas like these that need our help,” he added.

Events will continue throughout the week, including a coffee workshop this Thursday at Jessop Cafe, hosted by Coffee HoUSe and local roasters Roastology.

The workshop will be split into three parts: An introduction to coffee roasting, barista skills session and Home Brewing.

True North Brew are also participating in the event and will be offering a range of coffees and a home-made cinnamon bun for £3.95 in all of their venues.