Sheffield Islamophobes cause widespread panic after anonymous letters threaten to ‘punish’ Muslims

Muslim communities in the UK have been told to stay on alert after some UK residents received anonymous letters about “Punish a Muslim Day.”

The letters, received by residents in London, Cardiff, Leicester, Bradford and Sheffield, warned of a nationwide day to ‘punish’ Muslims to be held on 3 April.

The nameless organisers have proposed a points system – awarding 25 points for removing a hijab, niqab or burka and up to 1000 for bombing a mosque.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating the string of reports.

Iman Atta, Director of Tell Mama UK, an organisation monitoring Islamophobic activity, said: “This has caused quite a lot of fear within the community. They are asking if they are safe, if their children are safe to play outdoors. We have told them to keep calm and to phone the police if they receive one of these letters.”

Ms Atta claimed many of the letters, which “are inciting violence against the Muslim community” had been posted from Sheffield and were similar to threats which had been recieved by mosques in the UK and US in May 2017, which were also found to have been sent from Sheffield.

She said a number of the letters had been posted from Sheffield and bore a similarity to letters sent to mosques in the UK and US in May 2017, which were also posted from Sheffield.

“Are you a sheep like the vast majority of the population?” the letter reads.

“Sheep follow orders and are easily led. They are allowing the white-majority nations of Europe and north America to become overrun by those who would like nothing more than to do us harm and to turn our democracies into sharia-led police states.”

A national operation, led by Counter Terrorism Policing North East (CTPNE), was launched after reports from those who had recieved letter began to come in on 9 March.

South Yorkshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Tim Forber reassured the public after the reciept of three letters were reported in Sheffield.

He said: “I can assure you that these documents are being taken extremely seriously and a thorough investigation into the circumstances is underway.

“Community safety remains our utmost priority and as always, we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone.

Police have appealed for other recipients of these letters to inform them by contacting 101 and quoting incident number 420 of 11 March 2018.