Sheffield home-educated children sees 77% increase

“Dissatisfaction with schools and unmet needs” contributed to a 77% increase in the number of home-educated children in the past five years.

A report given to the Children, Young People & Family Support Scrutiny & Policy Development Committee said 438 children in Sheffield are currently registered as home educated.

More than 50 of these children are based in the S5 area, and S8 is a close second with around 50 surnames registered.

53% of the home-educated children are white British, and there are 4% more males registered than females.

The report said most parents chose home schooling for their children due to dissatisfaction with schools and unmet needs.

While most parents also cited special education needs and anxiety as other reasons to pull their children out of schools.

A parental support system has been developed because statutory regulations do not set a formal framework to monitor home-educated children. However, the Sheffield City Council contacts Sheffield’s home educators on an annual basis to offer support.