Sheffield ‘Hedge Fund’ raises over £12,000 for local environment

A Sheffield trading cooperative have raised funds to build 1000m of hedgerow to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly living in Sheffield.

Regather, founded in 2010, started the campaign three weeks ago and have already raised over £12,000 in donations.

As well creating a barrier from pests, hedgerows also support local wildlife, reduce air pollution and flood prevention.

The cooperative pledges to create 700m of hedgerow to support produce at Regather farm in the Moss Valley, with a further 300m going to community projects.

Tim Feban, a director of Regather, told JUSnews that gaining funding for a project on this scale wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

He said: “It’s been fantastic, we’re really chuffed. The idea of even having a working farm is a major project that we only could have dreamed about in the years gone by.

“It’s all to do with the people that support us and our projects. It relies on trust from many members of the public, who want something alternative and something better.”

Regather Farm was bought in 2018 to create organic and sustainable produce for the community’s Fruit and Veg Boxes, which are delivered across the city.

Regather aims to deliver the project in March 2020 and hope to open up opportunities for volunteer, community and school groups to help in the project.

The ‘Sheffield Hedge Fund’ now urges supporters to continue donating to reach a stretch goal of £17,800, which they predict will double the amount of hedgerow available to build.

Mr Feban said: “We think that a small amount from a lot of people is how real change happens.

“We want people to consider getting involved as it would help us continue our project while really making a difference, not just for our farm but more widely in Sheffield.”

To donate to Sheffield Hedge Fund, follow this link.