Sheffield hate crime: Disabled Darnall Muslim woman stabbed in head with hijab pin at Tesco bus stop

A disabled Muslim woman was stabbed in the head with a pin from her hijab in Sheffield yesterday.

Hiqma Humaidan, 30, of Ribston Walk, Darnall, was waiting for the number 52 bus from outside Tesco on Savile Street at 4pm, when a man pulled the pin out of her hijab and stabbed her multiple times in the back of the head.

Miss Humaidan, who is a social media figure said: “I got attacked because the person was stupid. I do not feel safe anywhere. The man asked why I have to come outside wearing a smelly tea towel on my head. He said, it looked like a terrorist pin.”

The man, who she described as tall and of mixed race, followed her to the next bus stop, where the bus driver did not let him get on.

The hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women in front of men who are not family.

Miss Humaidan holds her hijab together with a clip on brooch instead of the two inch pin after the attack.

Miss Humaidan, who has severe epilepsy, keratoconus and is prone to anxiety attacks, used to wear the jilbab but stopped after she was attacked by five armed white men outside her house last year.

“They slashed at the bottom of my jilbab with knives and I am now too scared to wear it over my clothes,” she said, “If I carried on wearing it they will slice through my legs next.”

She has received cyber hate crime, as one Instagram user said: ‘F*** a Indian mother******’ last week.

Figures from the Home Office show South Yorkshire had the fourth most hate crime attacks in England between June and July this year.

Iman Abou Atta OBE, director of Tell MAMA, who tackle anti- Muslim hate crimes, said: “Some Muslim women now take off their hijab as they are too scared to wear it in public. Some even avoid transport and stay at home.”

She said it is a problem in Sheffield because of the mixed population and she claimed Sheffield has seen a 47 percent increase in hate crime attacks in the past year.


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Muslim women are the number one target as they are more recognisable with their clothes and hijab, she said.

She added that the perpetrators are usually young white British men.

Supt Shakeel Ahmed from South Yorkshire Police said: “Sheffield is not too bad for hate crime, but that might be because people are not reporting it.”

Supt Ahmed, 43, who is a Muslim and is on the panel for Tell Mama, added it is not something that is an everyday problem or occurrence for him.

Tell Mama will hold the third annual NO2H8 Crime campaign in November and hate crime awareness week is 14- 21 October.

To report a hate crime call 101 or contact Tell MAMA at

Epilepsy awareness month is in November.