Sheffield Hallam University host events for British Science Week

Biology, engineering, forensic science and health came together at Sheffield Hallam University last weekend, as part of British Science Week.

Children went nuts about the exciting stalls they had to offer.

Some put on their Sherlock Holmes detective hat to discover who stole the Sheffield diamond in fun tasks. Some role-played as serial-killer detective Dexter, to help analyse clues for investigating the blood left at the crime scene. All were involved in cracking the case of who stole the Easter Egg.

Not in a detective mood? Compound reactions in the Bubble Trouble section was mesmerising and worth a second viewing. You could even get an x-ray of your body, with the help of an iPad and see how replica bones fit together.

For the animal lover, there was a corner designated to lovely lizards, terrifying tarantulas and snakes.

It is not only an event for children.

Parents also had a blast monitoring neural images to understand dementia, multiple sclerosis, strokes and more.

For the doctor in you, you could practise keyhole surgery or, more simpler, put rubber bands onto pegs and threads through hoops to test your dexterity.


@ScienceWeekUK Another great day at Sheffield Hallam University’s Science Week event !

— Mike Currie (@MikeCurrie77) March 17, 2018


You could test your money in the forensic lightbox, to make sure it is real. Alternatively, there was the fun ways of how fake coins are analysed in court.

The event attracted hundreds of families to attend and was a huge success in introducing new technology.

Its function was to raise interest in science and how closely tied in it is to everyday life.