Sheffield gymnast positive for her future after making a comeback from neck injury

After suffering a neck injury Lucy Horan was told she might never be able to trampoline again.

Lucy, then 16, was training for the British Championships in Leeds when she got lost while performing her routine and landed heavily onto her neck and shoulders.

She managed to get off the trampoline believing she was okay however, once she walked outside she became paralysed from the neck down and collapsed in the car-park.

The injury left Lucy unable to move for 45 minutes. Once arrived at hospita,l Lucy found out she would need a six-and-a-half hour operation as the vertebrae in her neck were not stable.

After the operation Lucy was told the devastating news that she may never trampoline again.

Talking about this moment, Lucy said: “I felt like the whole world fell apart.”

Despite this, Lucy remained determined to get back on a trampoline and prove the doctors wrong.

The recovery process has been long for Lucy, as she was unable to do any sport for at least nine months. However after a year she was finally allowed back onto a trampoline.

“When I got on I had some nerves but as soon as I started bouncing it felt as though I had never left,” she said.

Since returning to trampolining Lucy has had multiple successes.

She came first in the women’s under 17’s category of the 2017 Yorkshire Championships.

This September she came fourth in the British championships and third in the English Championships, where she was the youngest competitor in the 17 to 21 women’s elite category.

Lucy is currently preparing for the upcoming Yorkshire Regional competitions where she is hoping to qualify, both as a team and as an individual, for the finals in Northern Ireland.

Lucy is hopeful for her future. For her career, she is looking at a future in the RAF as a Personal Training Instructor. Asked why she chose the RAF Lucy said: “[it’s] something different. I’ve always been one of those children that always liked sports or doing adventurous stuff and helping others.”

While Lucy has no definite plans to take trampolining to a higher level or to the Olympics she isn’t ruling it out.

“If it happens it happens,” she said.