Sheffield Greens add to growing calls for a People’s Vote on Brexit

The Sheffield Green Party has given its backing to a People’s Vote on Brexit as the national political crisis continues.

A protest at the weekend saw an estimated one million people march in London to demand another poll on whether Britain should leave the EU.

Natalie Bennett, former leader of the Greens and a Sheffield resident, said a final say on the issue is the most democratic way forward.

“Choice one for me is still the Final Say,” she said.

According to Bennett, Brexit is a symptom and not a cause of the state of society and the anger which has surfaced on both sides of the debate.

Talking about the need for wider change, she urged Westminster to take back control by adopting a proportional voting system.

Bennett also advocated wide ranging reforms to local democracy which would see more decisions taken in Sheffield and more money put into communities.

Bennett said: “There is no deal better than the deal we have now, which is remaining in the EU. I’ve signed and been promoting the petition.”

“The best way forward is to stop Brexit and if we have to do that by simply revoking Article 50, that’s what we should do.”

The UK is due to leave the EU at 23:00 on 29 March, although May is expected to ask Parliament to postpone Brexit until a later date.