Sheffield gets its first cereal café and cereal-flavoured ice cream is on the menu

Sheffield’s first cereal café opened its doors to customers earlier today.

With over a hundred different types of cereal, Coco Cereal Café offers a range of options for cereal connoisseurs.

The café on Charles Street stocks over 110 different brands primarily from the US and the UK, but there are also limited options from Spain, France and Israel.

It is also the only café in the UK to offer custom blends of cereal flavoured ice cream. They have a machine that can mix any flavour ice cream with any flavour cereal to produce unique combinations.

Owner Sharez Akhtar, 28, said: “You can come in and you can have whatever cereal you want with whichever flavoured milk you want with whatever toppings you want. You can go absolutely crazy!

“It’ll take you back to your kid days when your mum used to tell you off and say you can’t have all of this. But you could come in here and have whatever you want now! That’s what a cereal café is.”

Sharez Akhtar

Customers can select up to three cereals, and choose from a variety of toppings ranging from fresh fruit to Oreos.

There are also a number of milk options ranging from whole to almond, and even yogurt with honey.

The café offers more that just simple bowls of cereal, however. There are also a selection of cereal-inspired desserts, including cakes and muffins.

For those who don’t know what to try, Mr Akhtar has a recommendation: “The cocktails – if you came in and weren’t sure what to get, you should just have a cocktail, they’re really, really nice.

“It took us so many attempts to get it all right, but literally they’re perfect.”

Although there were rumours the café would open last year, Mr Akhtar decided to take his time.

He said: “Initially when I did want to open up, it was just a box-standard ready-made thing.

“But then I sat down and thought, right let’s do it properly!”

Speaking about the furniture and decor, Mr Akhtar added: “Every single thing in here is handmade so as you can appreciate it did take a long time.”

Sheffield’s first cereal café is finally here, and any customer who visits today will receive a 20% discount on their order.