Sheffield for Europe calls for a second Brexit referendum as part of national day of action

Sheffield for Europe will be taking to the streets on Saturday in the largest national day of action by those campaigning for a second Brexit referendum.

Top lawyers revealed earlier in the week that Britain can unilaterally stop Brexit. Sheffield for Europe coordinator Neil Schofield said that, with current chaos in Brexit negotiations, People’s Vote campaigners also see a second referendum as an ever more realistic possibility.

He said: “I think one of the big problems is that there doesn’t seem to be a majority in the House of Commons for anything. Nothing is accepted by enough MPs, so it’ll be very difficult to move forward in any direction, so it could be that the People’s Vote is a way of resolving this situation.

“We are heavily involved with the National People’s Vote campaign. The Day of Action in Sheffield on Saturday is part of a national day of action, from the north of Scotland to the south west of England and all points in between. It will be a massive day with something like 150 groups out on the streets asking people their views and encouraging them to get in touch with their MPs even at this very late stage.

“Theresa May says it’s the best deal on offer, it isn’t – the best deal on offer is to stay in the EU.”

As part of ongoing campaigns, Mr Schofield said that informal polls on passers-by in Woodseats had suggested that 75% of the around 100 questioned said that they favoured a second referendum.

Neill said: “I don’t say its scientific, but it is quite remarkable how many people do want to stay and how many people do think the way forward is a People’s Vote. It is real people expressing their views very freely and about three quarters of them do back a second referendum.”

Sheffield for Europe have also been encouraging people to write to MPs requesting that they back a second referendum. Sheffield MPs Angela Smith and Jared O’Mara are supporters of the People’s Vote.

A second referendum is also backed by Sheffield Council as expressed at a full council motion in early October.

The Council statement read: “the Council believes that there is no deal that could be negotiated through the Article 50 process that could be more beneficial than continued membership of the EU, and that leaving the EU would therefore be damaging to the UK’s fundamental national interests, and the interests of Sheffield in particular, as a university and manufacturing city in a region which has received significant investment from the European Union.”

Preparations by the Sheffield For Europe group continue in the lead up to this weekend’s Day of Action.