Sheffield cyclists campaign for more cycling areas within city centre

Hundreds of cyclists took to the streets of Sheffield to campaign for more safe cycling spaces over the weekend.

The cyclists took a circular route from Devonshire Green on Saturday, as they sought to challenge Sheffield Council over the lack of designated cycling areas within the city.

“We have made a big statement for people who want to see better facilities for cycling and walking in Sheffield, and I think Sheffield City Council are starting to listen to us more now,” said Ian Carey, Chair of Cycle Sheffield.

Mr Carey has fully supported the new Ofo scheme within the city, which is encouraging more people to ride a bike.

He added: “Cycling is very safe but a lot of people are put off by the risk of interaction with motor traffic on the road. It’s very intimidating when people are overtaken by a large motor vehicle. That’s very horrible.

“Segregated cycle lines will make a big difference to get even more people cycling, and we need to get more people on their bikes instead of driving.”

Rob Murphy, who is running for the Green Party in the Sheffield mayoral election on Thursday, was among those who set off from Devonshire Green on Saturday afternoon.

A few cycled with flags attached to their baskets, with one example reading ‘Space for People’.