Sheffield councillor suspended after sending nude image to local women’s group

A councillor who sent a topless photo to a local women’s group during a council meeting has been suspended.

Coun Mohammad Maroof has been suspended by the Labour party after he sent a picture of a topless woman to local women’s group Mums United in a WhatsApp chat.

The councillor for Nether Edge and Sharrow believes that he received the photo, which automatically downloaded on to his phone, from a personal contact earlier in the day.

He said he then accidentally sent the photo to the Mums United WhatsApp group when trying to send a video during the group’s presentation of a petition to council on knife crime.

Coun Maroof said he immediately apologised and asked for the photo, which was only up for a few seconds, to be deleted.

Mums United is a Sheffield support group for mums who are concerned about the welfare of their children and are passionate about bringing positive change.

The councillor has explained that he was instrumental in establishing the group and is proud of the work that he has done with them.

This afternoon Liberal Democrat Councillor for Crookes and Crosspool, the similarly named Mohammed Mahroof, strongly condemned Coun Maroof’s behaviour.

He said: “There’s no place for that sort of thing.It’s not the sort of standards you would expect of a councillor or anyone really.

“I hope he doesn’t come back into the council. I think he should resign and there should be a by-election.”

The Labour Party has suspended Coun Maroof pending an investigation.