Sheffield City Council to crack down on blue badge abuse during Christmas

Sheffield City Council has pledged to ‘take no prisoners’ in the run-up to Christmas after reports of blue badges being used dishonestly to occupy disabled parking spaces.

So far this year the council has fined 40 people a total of £15,000 and has promised to address the problem during the festive period.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure at Sheffield City Council, said: “This problem is happening because of pure and simple laziness and selfishness. There is no reason for it other than to save a couple of quid, and we will be taking no prisoners.”

Last month, 13 people were fined a total of £5,182 at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court during the latest trials for using a badge they were not entitled to.

‘‘It happens throughout the year, but there will be an especially large demand for parking during Christmas as people get their shopping done and rush for presents.

‘‘There is no excuse for using someone’s blue badge and depriving them of the chance to park with ease and comfort.’’

At the moment, there are over 24,000 blue badges holders in Sheffield with 225 of these owned by organisations and the remainder for individuals.

For information about blue badge regulations, call 0114 2734567 or search online at