Sheffield City Council shows support for LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week

LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week is currently taking place in Sheffield as part of a series of events run by the city council.

The programme of events will run from 4 to 11 March and is aimed at showing the importance of the service, with 1 in 8 adoptions in England to same-sex couples according to figures from adoption agency New Family Social.

There are 25 children waiting to be adopted in the Steel City, with their ages ranging from birth through to nine years old. In total, 51 children were adopted in Sheffield last year.

Adoption and fostering services in Sheffield are accessible to couples of all sexual orientations, with Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, praising some of the city’s LGBT adopters.

“Adopters like Jenny and Becki, and Joe and Craig are fantastic and they are just a few of many wonderful people that decide to adopt and help change the lives of children and young people in care” she said.

“I’m so proud that Sheffield is a non-discriminatory authority that welcomes adoptions from a wide variety of people. I really hope that through speaking to our existing same sex couples members of the LGBT+ community will get in touch, find out about adoption and decide to adopt.

She said the Council encourages everyone to consider adopting, as they need more carers so that “all our children and young people in care have the opportunity to find their forever home.”

There were 32 new registered adopters in Sheffield last year, and the success of the service shows no signs of letting up.

More information about fostering and adoption in Sheffield is available here.