Sheffield City Council Leader Julie Dore says losses for Labour result of ‘protest vote’

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield Council, said the Labour seats lost in the local elections were caused by a “protest vote” across the UK.

Speaking at the election count at the English Institute of Sport, she said: “I think if you look nationally there is a clear pattern around a protest vote against the two major parties.”

“Labour has suffered losses, as we know, but that protest vote has to go somewhere and the Lib Dems and Grees have benefited.”

Nationally, both the Conservatives and Labour have lost extensive seats that they held in 2015 at the start of their councillors terms. As it stands across the UK currently, the Tories have lost a whopping 760 seats while Labour have lost 88.

In Sheffield, Labour lost four seats in total, including the one held by Steve Wilson before he left the party and ran as an Independent.

Coun Dore said Labour had to learn from these defeats and listen to voter feedback.

She said: “We have to listen to what they were saying to us on the doorstep.

“We will fully analyse the result and not just look at the numbers but the feedback we have received also.

“We need to look at what people are actually telling us. We need to see what it is we need to do locally.”

Coun Dore vowed to liase with the party on a national level in order to rectify the losses they have suffered in South Yorkshire.

She said: “If it appears that it is national issues then as members of the Labour Party we need to cooperate with the party nationally to address some of the national policies that affect the lives of people in Sheffield.

Despite these losses, the Labour Party have retained a majority control of Sheffield City Council.