Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo huge re-build

Hundreds of people gathered outside Sheffield Children’s Hospital last week to see the Christmas light switch-on.

The building’s exterior is currently adorned with snowflake Christmas lights, each representing the uniqueness of every child patient.

Over 50 companies across the region have sponsored the snowflakes to help re-build the A&E department to provide better facilities and accommodate more patients. The money is being used to fund a complete re-build of the hospital.

Within the next four years, plans are in place to install a helipad, improve the oncology ward and provide better facilities. There are intentions to separate children who are ill from those who are injured, improving the efficiency and pace of treatments.

The company Graze Inn have been raising money towards the cause since 2013. So far, they have raised over £65,000. Sarah Jeffery, a company representative, has been working hard to ensure that there are sufficient funds in place for the hospital.

She said: “People have donated for their snowflakes. We have been raising money since 2013. We have raised £65,000 so far which has gone towards the new suites that will be built in the hospital. We’re looking forward to continuing to raise money for the new emergency department too.”

She has also been asking customers at the Graze Inn restaurant to donate money towards the cause.

“We ask each customer at the restaurant we work for to donate £1. We add £1 onto each person’s bills so a lot of the money is customer-based. People really care for the children and want to help.”

People will continue to fund-raise throughout the year to ensure that children are given the best facilities possible.