Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield re-elected despite national Labour disaster

Despite a disappointing night for his party, Labour MP Paul Blomfield retained his Sheffield Central seat and a strong majority.

He won 66.7% of the vote with his nearest competitor, Conservative candidate Janice Silvester-Hall, getting 13.1%.

While Mr Blomfield bucked the national trend by gaining five more votes than he did in 2017, the election saw the Conservatives win with a substantial majority.

“In parts of the region people have been unconvinced by the leadership of the party, they’ve been concerned by Brexit and we’ve failed to break through with the agenda we’ve set out,” he said.

Paul Blomfield addressing Labour’s shortcomings

Jeremy Corbyn announced that he would not lead Labour in the next election but said that he would stay on as leader during a “process of reflection”.

Mr Blomfield said that this was the right thing to do.

“I don’t think these things should be rushed. I think we need a period of reflection to listen to what people have been saying in the election and to make a thoughtful decision about future leadership,” he said.

The turnout in Sheffield Central was the lowest of the Sheffield constituencies with a 52.92% turnout, 5% lower than in 2017.

The Green Party were the third biggest party in the constituency with 9% of the vote.

Mr Blomfield said a huge factor in his personal success was the support of students. He said he represented the most students in the country “by quite a distance”.

“The fact that I’ve got the mandate from students in both of our universities is hugely important to me and I’ll continue to be a voice for them in parliament as I have been for the past nine years,” he added.