Sheffield BID to help levypayers cut business costs

Sheffield BID’s partnership with Business Cost Saving will allow BID levy payers to access some of the most competitive wholesale tariffs within the UK.

The BID is working with the Penistone-based organisation to offer BID levy payers the opportunity to save money on business in aspects such as their utilities, telecoms and insurance.

Gemma Sandy, a director of Business Cost Saving, guaranteed that each of the BID levypayers would benefit from this cost-saving project.

Ms Sandy said the organisation provides more than cost saving.

She said: “We can also help businesses to rationalize spending, consolidate spending, manage suppliers’ relationship for businesses. And we ensure legal compliance, minimize risk for businesses and improve business efficiency.”

The BID brings businesses together to deliver a real financial benefit to their members.

These negotiated savings would not be available for access by individual businessed.

The project is aimed at making Sheffield a more attractive place for people to carry out their business, and as a result, boost economy in the city centre.

Business Cost Saving provided savings on all aspects of essential spend within a business.