Sharrow mums’ call for more CCTV to help tackle drug and knife crime

Mums United pleaded for the Council to help them tackle rising drug, knife and gang crime in Sharrow yesterday.

In a council meeting the group asked for more CCTV to be put up around Lansdowne football pitch, the Abbeydale Corridor and Abbeydale Road where there have been serious drug problems and multiple stabbings.

The petition has over 200 signatures and will now be considered by the council.

It asked for the council and South Yorkshire Police to create a joint violent crime strategy in those areas most affected by crime.

Sahira Irshad, founder of Mums United, said in the meeting: “As we tackle the rise of anti-social behaviour, as we seek to empower mothers, we must also have physical measures in place which will prove to be a deterrent.”

One camera has already been put up on Club Street in Sharrow, but the council previously said there was not enough money to put up more.

The Mums United organisation was set up in July to support and give mums a voice, as well as empowering them to tackle to rise of anti-social behaviour in the area.