Sexual harassment in South Yorkshire to be tackled in new campaign

A campaign to make South Yorkshire’s streets and public spaces safer for woman and girls is due to launch tomorrow.

Know The Line comes after residents voiced worries about harassment on the streets in a public consultation last year. It is being run by a collection of local groups including Safer Streets, South Yorkshire Police and University of Sheffield.

Those involved are aiming to target the offenders, the victims, and the bystanders and are hoping to educate people about what is acceptable and what is not.

Many of those behind the campaign have been victims of harassment at some point in their lives.

Charlotte Mead, branch leader for Sheffield’s Women’s Equality Party thinks one problem is societies acceptance of harassment.

She said: “It’s become normalised. And we kind of expect it as a part of our experience as being a woman. We expect that is we go out that this is going to happen to us.”

Like with drink driving, Charlotte wants friends to hold each other to account. “If you see it happening, if you see your friends doing it, challenge it because it’s not okay.”

The launch is being held Friday November 24th at the Quaker meeting house, tickets are available here.