Seven metre moon in Doncaster Minster draws thousands of visitors

The Museum of the Moon exhibit has drawn thousands of visitors to Doncaster Minster.

The piece was originally made by Luke Jerram, an artist from Bristol, who became interested in the power that the moon holds over people and its influence over the extreme tides of the city.

The moon is made from high definition NASA photos, which look textured from a distance. Next to the hanging moon are speakers playing haunting music, speeches from US President Kennedy, and audio from the Apollo 11 mission.

The piece was brought to the parish church with the help of Right Up Our Street, as part of a project called Creative People and Places. After seeing the Moon in Greenwich last summer they felt they needed to bring it to Doncaster.

Any photo taken of the model does no justice to the presence it has inside the 160 year old church, a feeling common among the visitors.


Louise O’Brien, Development Manager at Doncaster Minster, said that she still cries when looking at the piece, despite the fact that she has worked with it since last Friday.

David Pratt, a visitor from Doncaster, said: “I’ve lived in this town for 45 years and this is the first time I’ve been in the Minster.”

Ms O’Brien said that this was a common experience among residents and the Moon has drawn many to visit the Minster for the first time in decades.

“Even the chief of police who came in earlier, we thought he was going to arrest the moon, but he wasn’t, he was just ‘I’ve got to come in and have a look at it’ and he said it was probably 1979 since he had last been in here,” she said.

Ms O’Brien said she encourages visitors to continue visiting the Minster, adding: “It’s always open, we’re always this lovely, we’re always this friendly.”