Self defence classes launched to help survivors of domestic violence

Self defence classes aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence have been launched by a Sheffield charity.

Rehouse to Rehome provides beds, cots and many other household essentials to those who are fleeing domestic violence.

Francine Wright, founder of Rehouse to Rehome,
said the classes are there to build confidence.

Ms Wright said: “I spend many hours speaking to survivors of domestic violence, I listen and I always ask what would help them and be beneficial to their healing.”

“After having many conversations I have decided to put together ‘The Self Defence Empowerment Class’ with thanks to my lifelong and dearest friend Andy Marlow, who has 45 years experience in martial arts, karate, kickboxing, Thai boxing and Jiu Jitsu,” she added.

The classes will take place in a safe and discrete location to make the participants feel as safe as possible.

One survivor said: “To learn self defence I know my self esteem would greatly improve, knowing that I could defend myself if ever I was in that situation again where I felt threatened.”

“It would give me the confidence I need to progress on my road to recovery,” they added. 

Those who attend the class will be given a sense of empowerment, fitness and physical ability.

Ms Wright said: “Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself empowers you to live with less fear and more freedom.”