Rutland Arms hosts all-women beer event for Sheffield Beer Week

To kick off Sheffield Beer Week, the Rutland Arms hosted a series of events to celebrate women in the beer industry.

Sheffield Beer Week, running from today until March 18, will offer a wide range of events at 34 participating venues across the city.

The celebration of women in the beer industry came after International Women’s Day on 8 March.

The activities included a joint event with the Ladies That Beer, a social group that wants to break down the myth that only men enjoy beer.

The Liverpool based organisation co-hosted a women-only bottle share on 10 March where four different beers were sampled in a comfortable environment.

A Tap Takeover was later hosted by FemAle from Norwich, where all genders were invited to a tasting of five beers brewed by women.


Heather Griffin, manager of the Rutland Arms, said she loved the opportunity to collaborate with the Ladies that Beer to bring women in the industry together.

Ms. Griffin said: “I’ve been working in this industry all my life and I’ve always felt like it was a bit harder for me than it was for my other male colleagues.

“And there’s just so many great women doing great things and I just wanted to celebrate that fact.”

She said she was inspired by the Ladies That Beer and had followed them for a while before being put into contact with Julie O’ Grady, the founder of Ladies That Beer. Together they organised the women-only bottle share.

“I was fed up with going to beer festivals and there was not many women around,” said Julie O’ Grady, “They weren’t drinking beer.”

“I thought, why is it that there are more men than there are women drinking beer in pubs and festivals? So, I thought to myself, I’m sure we can start to change this. I had a conversation with a group of my friends who were into beer and we decided to start something up about women drinking beer.”

She said empowering women was not just about drinking beer, but also battling the misconception that the beer industry is just a “man’s world.”

She added: “All we’re asking for is respect, in the beer world and in the wider world as well and equality. And I don’t feel, as well as the rest of the Ladies That Beer, that it’s too much to ask.”

Other Sheffield Beer Week activities to look out for:

Free Beer Tasting:

Monday-Friday – The Moor Market – 13:00-14:00

Meet The Steel City Brewer

18/3 – Shakespeares – 19:00 – Free

Beer Tasting Competition

19/3 – The Three Tuns – 18:30 – £5

Beer And Cheese Tasting

19/3 – Urban Pantry -19:45 – £15