Runners of Sheffield half marathon verbally abused

Volunteers of running events have reportedly been verbally abusing runners in Sheffield.

It was reported by the BBC today that runners of the London marathon received verbal abuse from volunteers at the weekend.

One runner, Lucy Aires, said comments included: “If you weren’t so fat, you could run” and “this is a race, not a walk.”

It’s not only in London where runners are being verbally abused however.

Parkrun in Graves Park, Sheffield

Here in Sheffield, runners of events such as the Sheffield half marathon have also received verbal abuse.

Amy Everett, 29, from Kelham Island said she and her family were shouted at during the half marathon.

“We were about 10 miles in when one of the official race volunteers told us it was a run, not a walk.

“I’ve come to expect negative comments from spectators. One time I was running a half marathon in Leicester and some random bloke started shouting vile abuse at me for walking part of the race.

“A lot of people jokingly tell me I shouldn’t be walking a running race. It’s hard to ignore and hard to take when you’re physically and mentally exhausted.”

Amy Everett (in blue) running

David Adams, from Ecclesall and a member of Steel City Striders said runners of the Sheffield half marathon are well supported.

“I marshalled the Sheffield half a couple of years ago, we walked back in with the last runners and they were very well supported and got no abuse at all.

“They were outside the official cut off so the roads had been re-opened for part of the course but they knew this and so we walked on the pavements.”

The organisers of the Sheffield half marathon, Run For All, have been contacted for a comment.