RSPCA launch investigation into dead horses found in Doncaster

An investigation has been launched after the bodies of two rotting horses were found in Doncaster this weekend.

A further 80 malnourished horses have since been found in Finningley but the RSPCA have been unable to send officers to the area.

Locals have voiced their outrage on social media at the lack of action.

Photos taken by Claire Alison Thomson show the dead horses found in Doncaster

Claire Alison Thomson, who owns horses herself, found the dead animals and said the RSPCA should have dealt with the situation a long time ago.

She said: “These dead horses have been there for weeks, why is it that people like me have to go to all this trouble to get the RSPCA to act?”

The organisation claimed they were overstretched due to limited funds but are aware of the situation and that an investigation is on-going.

They said: “We are a charity with limited resources and unfortunately our officers were dealing with other emergencies when this call came in and we didn’t have anyone who we could send.”