Rotherham taxi driver speaks out about racism, only to receive more abuse

A Rotherham taxi driver who spoke out about racial hate crime last night, has since received more abuse from readers.

Nasar Raoof, 27, spoke about the police’s poor response to racial abuse he experienced near Rotherham United’s New York stadium after a football match on Saturday afternoon.

The taxi driver, who lives in Wincobank, Sheffield defended a group of teenagers and a pub bouncer that his customers were racially abusing.

The customers then turned to him and called him a “muslim f**ker” multiple times, before one of the customers forced himself into Raoof’s vehicle.

The Sheffield Star published an article about the incident yesterday, which has been met with racially offensive comments from some readers.

Raoof said: “Readers are referring to me as a groomer, saying I must be one of the abusers, insinuating that I must’ve done something wrong to deserve it.

“They somehow think that racial abuse is acceptable in today’s day in age – that its normal practice.

“They don’t know half the work I do in Rotherham – the amount of victims of grooming that I support in voluntary work that I do. They don’t even know half the story.” Raoof added.

The business studies graduate from Sheffield Hallam University said he has reported racial abuse to South Yorkshire Police six times in the last two years.

“I speak up about racism to encourage others to speak up and act. We as a community should stand in solidarity with victims of abuse” said Raoof.

Raoof is a representative of the GMB Taxi Trade Union in Rotherham, and supports other taxi drivers experiencing similar abuse.

In a post on Facebook yesterday evening, Raoof said he had spoken out not to make a name for himself but to call out racism.

“To Sheffield Star readers that want to refer to me as a groomer, abuser and use racist language, I’d say you do not know me, I have probably done more to help victims of grooming than you would do in a lifetime but do not advertise it on social media,” he said.

“No person should be suffering a crime in silence, we have to speak up for them,” he added.