Rotherham parkour competition ready for summer launch

A Parkour competition will be held in Rotherham this summer, with cash prizes of £1000 up for grabs in each category.

NovaCity, who are running the event, have multi-purpose venues in both Rotherham and Barnsley.

The three-day competition will feature sponsored athletes George McGowan and Joseph Marx as judges, and will be hosted by Chris Ilabaca who’s the brand director of Breach Apparel.

A Tricking athlete training at Project Underground

Project Underground originally started as a competition for children at NovaCity’s first Christmas event for just a bit of fun.

Adults who took their children there then asked if they could have their own competition.

Liam Norbury, Head of Parkour at NovaCity, said: “We thought why not.

“We hadn’t planned for this so we ended up quickly nipping down to the shop and getting boxes of chocolates for prizes.

“From that we thought because it went really well why don’t we try and do something properly, so Project Underground was born.”

The competition will be split into a Freestyle section and a Speed section, with each category having a first place prize of £1000.

This marks the seventh project underground event that NovaCity have hosted.

Project Underground’s event poster.

NovaCity mention on their events pages that their Project Underground competitions are the biggest in the UK.

“People travel from all over the world to come to the event, which blows my mind every time we run it, the furthest away we have had someone fly over would be Dom from Australia- which I believe was his first time in the UK”

Liam Norbury – Head of Parkour at NovaCity

The events have attracted famous Parkour and Tricking athletes from all over to compete, with big names in the community attending over the years.

The event organisers are expecting at least 100 to 150 people to attend the event in Rotherham.

Project Underground starts on 19 July this year.