Rotherham Christmas festivities spice up as communities receive funding

Four different community groups in Rotherham have been given grants to spice up their Christmas festivities this year.

Rotherham Council and Rotherham Together Partnership’s Building Stronger Communities Small Grant Funds gave out money to the groups across the borough to help fund their events.

Waverley Resident’s Association, Harthill Well Dressing Group, Wath Events Team and Creative Wellbeing have been awarded £1,748 between them.

As well as adding extra Christmas festivities, the funding aims to bring people from different communities and age groups together.

The grant scheme also aims to create opportunities that would not normally be available for these groups.

For the second year in a row, Waverley residents plan to spend the £500 they received on their Christmas light switch-on.

Harthill Well Dressing Group will spent their £248 Christmas style well decorations and Wath Events, who have been granted £500, will spend the money on a new Christmas tree and PA system.

Creative Wellbeing will use their £500 to help support group sessions based at the Addison Centre in Maltby.

Councillor Chris Read, Leader of the Council, said these grants have been set up to help people feel proud of their local communities.

He said: “Ideally we want to support people through celebration activities, or local events or other innovative ways which can help communities to bond and to socialise in a way perhaps not achieved before.”

Other community groups are still able to apply for funding before November 30th.