Residents come together to help Sheffield pull through ‘Mini Beast from the East’

Blizzard-like conditions over the weekend did not deter the steel city’s spirit, as residents joined hands to help each other out.

The ‘Mini Beast from the East’ disrupted transport services as roads were closed due to heavy snowfall.

However, locals helped those in need when public services failed to reach them in time.

In Broomhill, residents helped push a stranded ambulance up a road at around 3am on Sunday after Yorkshire Ambulance Service said they were experiencing high levels of demand the previous night.

Two 4×4 drivers, Dave Marsh and Oliver Twigg, also drove around the city offering lifts to hospital staffs unable to get to work.

With roads smothered in snow, it was difficult for cars to drive around, leading to a rise in demand of taxis.

Fiaz Khan Khalil, 54, a taxi driver, helped a passenger get to South Road in Ecclesall from West Street, after being offered a higher fare from another passenger.

“He offered me £40, but I said to myself no, this other gentleman came to me first and money is not everything,” he said.

Seven rough sleepers were also found an emergency accommodation as part of a cold weather partnership programme between the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, BRC Yorkshire and Humberside and the city council.

Tony Carlin, area manager at South Yorkshire Fire, said: “Helping people in need and saving lives is core to our mission as a fire service, so it made perfect sense for us to answer the call for emergency accommodation ahead of winter warnings this weekend.”

Councillors also came out on the street to help residents. Coun Shaffaq Mohammed was out with his 17-year-old son and a friend on Sunday to clear snow on a path leading up to Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy School.

The snowfall also failed to deter the community spirit in Nether Edge, where residents were out early on Sunday morning to ensure the Nether Edge Farmers’ Market went ahead.

One organiser of the market posted on Facebook: “Despite all the odds against the snowy elements, we managed it.

“It was looking doubtful this morning and thanks to the support of local volunteers, helpers and farmers, we managed to work together to make the market happen!

“Farmers ploughed, shovels shifted and salt/grit was sprinkled. A brilliant example of community spirit and determination.”