Residents “ashamed to walk down the street” after mass fly-tipping

A mountain of household rubbish piled up in Fir Vale over the weekend and residents are blaming Sheffield City Council.

The council had sent residents a letter asking them to dump their rubbish for a collection which never happened, according to residents.

Household items from a dirty mattress to a broken trampoline were amongst the rubble cleaned up by Amey contractors on Earl Marshal Road today.

It was an eyesore particularly for those living at Westbourne House, a nursing home opposite.

Linda Taylor is a Fir Vale resident and kitchen worker at Westbourne House.

She said she received a letter about an organised rubbish collection but it was never collected and began to pile up.

Ms Taylor said: “It makes you feel disgusting, horrified. It makes you ashamed to walk down the street.”

Sheffield Litter Pickers, a group of over 1,000 members who work hard to keep the streets clean, were also frustrated by the sudden pile-up.

The group said their Fir Vale litter pickers had arranged for the council to clean up their bagged-up rubbish after a community litter pick where they collected 100 bags of rubbish.

Ian Ashmore, head of environmental regulation for Sheffield City Council, said residents took this as a cue to add their household waste to the pile.

Mr Ashmore said: “It appears that the extra accumulation of household waste is the result of some serious local miscommunication and blatant fly-tipping marring their hard work, which is really disappointing.

“This situation is incredibly disappointing when we know that many members of the community dedicate their time and effort to keeping the area clean and tidy and when litter clearance continues to cost the council millions of pounds every year.

“We want to encourage communities to take responsibility for their household waste.”

A member of the group and resident of the S2 area, Billie Turner, said she could understand why people kept dumping their rubbish.

“I do get angry but in a way I don’t blame people for dumping. Before I lived in housing association for 15 years and in all that time they only did four Bring Out Your Rubbish days.

“People with disposable incomes have a car, they can take their rubbish to the tip for a measly 50p in petrol. Yet us really poor people that only have enough money to survive can’t afford a car yet are expected to afford £25 for a few items.

“People who worry about eviction and being judged then feel they have no choice to dump it.

“It’s no coincidence the level of fly-tipping often coincides with the wealth of the area. “

Another group member, Usha Solanki Blackham, supported the council.

She said: “I believe council is doing the best they can. I only wish they came up earlier knowing the area on how fast it will progress in to fly-tipping!”

The group said they would like to see council recycling sites to be open for longer hours, and for them to take in all types of rubbish.