Report shows Sheffield’s violent crime is lowest of core cities

Violent and sexual crime rates in Sheffield continue to be the lowest of England’s core cities “by a substantial margin”, according to the annual State of Sheffield report published on Friday.

The report, released by the Sheffield City Partnership, shows Sheffield to have seen a nine percent increase in crime rates over the last three years, faring better than the 14% average increase across the core cities as a whole.

This is in spite of a recent increase in violent and sexual offences across the board, although this pattern is significantly less pronounced in Sheffield.

The report said: “Sheffield remains a safe city compared with other large urban areas in England. This is a significant achievement in an age of austerity and substantial cuts to the budgets of all of the public services with a role to play.”

Themore detailed analysis showed that the city centre was the worst affected area for crime, but there was variability in the distribution of different types of crime.

The generally low-level crimes like anti-social behaviour tend to cluster around the city centre, but the old Broomhill ward experienced the highest levels of burglary, while more deprived areas like Burngreave and Shiregreen have burglary rates below the city-wide average.


The report says the city centre is the worst affected area in the city for crime.

The report stated: “We know that higher burglary rates are related to the presence of highly populated areas, with the coexistence of suitable targets, lack of guardianship and ease of access.”

But it said it could not be certain exactly what was causing this pattern.

“There are likely to be ongoing challenges, and critical amongst them is the need for individuals, communities and agencies to work together to continue to foster social cohesion as the city continues to grow and change,” it said.