Protesters play the waiting game as proposal for 350 new homes in Loxley sparks fury

Residents raised concerns about a proposal for 350 new homes in the Loxley area of Sheffield during a public exhibition yesterday.

There was a heated discussion between residents and representatives of the developer at the meeting in Stannington Community Centre.

Paul Brooke, co-chair of the Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG), said one of the major concerns was the proposed development could make the flood situation worse.

He added the plans would mean numerous mature trees in that area would need to be felled.

He said: “It probably makes sense to build some houses in that area but the developer wants to return their money, therefore, they’d put up as many houses as possible.”

JUSNews asked Mr Brooke whether STAG was planning to launch an official campaign against the proposal.

“I’m not sure yet whether we will formally campaign against the development.

“We’re hoping that we and the public are able to have their voices heard and the proposal will be amended if it is required.”

Paul Martin, managing director from the Patrick Property, said the company was committed to a net gain in trees.

He added: “We are here to invite as many views of the public as possible regarding to our proposal.

“There have been more negative people than positive, but there’s been some who are supporting the proposal.

“The social media-based consultation is ongoing until early January. I, actually, would expect a little bit more of a balanced result after the process is finished.”

At the meeting, residents said there was already traffic congestion around Malin Bridge and asked whether there would be enough space for an additional couple of hundred cars.

Mr Martin said: “Car parking is only a design issue. We can increase the amount of car parking spaces per house.

“Malin Bridge is already massively over-capacity. It actually will have a very minimal impact over and above what is already there.”