Private flat owners campaign for urgent action over Grenfell-style cladding

Twenty months ago, the Grenfell Tower fire claimed 72 lives, and exterior cladding was blamed for the rapid spread of the fire.

Shortly after, similar cladding was found on residential and council housing across Britain.

According to The Guardian, 79% of council and social housing with so-called “combustible cladding” have been fixed, or have works currently underway.

But of the 173 privately owned tower blocks found to have similar cladding in 2017, only ten of those have fixed or replaced the cladding with homeowners and private owners clashing over who will foot the bill.

A national campaign has been launched by the UK Cladding Action Group, made of homeowners living across Britain.

The group is calling for immediate action to make their homes safe, and for private owners to take responsibility for their tenants.

One of those privately owned accommodations is the Metis Building here in Sheffield, on the corner of West Bar and Scotland Street.

William Martin, tenant of Metis Building in Sheffield, said residents are worried they will be charged for the repairs.

He said: “We’re living everyday of our lives in this building knowing that the building has dangerous cladding on.

“Last night I went to bed and all I could think about was that I am living in a building that the Government thinks is dangerous. It’s extremely stressful.”

The UK Cladding Action Group has said thousands of families across the country are still trapped in unsafe homes, and are being forced into financial instability through no fault of their own.

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