Primary school evacuated over gas leak scare

Teachers closed a Derbyshire primary school over a gas leak scare today.

Classes were cancelled this morning when staff thought they smelt gas at Ridgeway Primary School in North East Derbyshire.

After becoming concerned by the aroma, Headteacher Iain Wilson made a call to British Gas just after 8.00am, asking them to come and assess the situation.

Students had not yet arrived at the school when the scare occurred.

Mr Wilson said: “Obviously, the safety of the children and staff is a priority.

“We just thought we could smell gas in the air, so we closed the school to children and sent the staff home.”

Despite earlier reports that the school would reopen this afternoon, Mr Wilson said that that classes would resume tomorrow morning instead.

Steve Hurt, heat engineer for Derbyshire County Council, said Cadent Gas had been round with a gas seeker, but the ratings had come back fine.

“We came down here to fix a gas leak, but it’s looking like there isn’t one,” he said.

“There’s no drama here.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire county council later confirmed that no gas leak had been detected, but officers from the county’s property department were being sent to the school to review the situation.

The cause of the suspicious scent is yet to be confirmed.