UPDATE: Pregnant French bulldog worth £18k stolen from Doncaster home

A valuable pregnant French bulldog named Ronnie has been reported stolen from a family home in Doncaster.

Ronnie’s owner Jody Race, of Fair View Avenue, said: “She’s worth a lot of money. She’s pregnant with eight pups, and they go for a lot of money. She’s worth about £18,000 at the minute.”

The burglary is believed to have taken place between 13.15 and 13.30 on Tuesday afternoon.

Jody believes the thieves, who made no effort to take any other items from the property, broke in by kicking down the rear door with the sole intention of stealing Ronnie. She suspects that whoever took the bulldog knew she was pregnant with valuable, highly sought-after puppies.

“I do think it’s somebody around the village who knows who I am, and where I live,” said Jody. “It’s somebody watching me or something. It’s quite scary really. It’s a good job my mum and dad are over the road, or I’d be on my own with the kids, getting burgled.”

“Crime Scene Investigation people have been, but they can’t get fingerprints or anything,” she added.

South Yorkshire Police are currently carrying out door-to-door inquiries in the Woodlands area of Doncaster, and reviewing CCTV footage which may help to shed light on the case.

Jody described Ronnie as being white all over, except with brown on her ears and brown and black on her tail. She said: “She’s really calm at the minute, because she’s ready to have her puppies any time. But normally she’s really happy and lively.”

Jody has two young children who miss their beloved pet, and are keen to see her returned safely.

Police have issued a photo of Ronnie, in the hope that it will reunite her and her puppies with her worried owners. Police would like to hear from anyone who saw a French bulldog matching Ronnie’s description in the Woodlands area yesterday afternoon.

Those with information may call anonymously on 101, or email enquiries@southyorks.pnn.police.uk quoting incident number 538 of 2 May 2017.